Japanese White Eye Mejiro Bamboo Tile Mural

Project Description

As artist painter professionals, we enjoy creating original paintings on tile. 

Tile murals artwork becomes the focal point of bathroom renovation and kitchen remodeling projects.

Many of our Hawaii tile art designs include Hawaii bamboo, tropical birds and exotic butterflies. 

Asian Bamboo Wall Tile Mural


Below, see how the Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly and Indonesian Java Sparrow are paired in a shower tile mural.


Indonesian Bamboo Shower Tropical Bird Butterfly


Indonesian Java Sparrow shown below in a close-up shot.


Indonesian Bamboo Shower Java Sparrow Bird-c


Below is the Indigo Bunting Bird detail.


Indigo Bunting Bird tile mural detail


The Hawaiian Iiwi, sometimes called a Hook-billed Honeycreeper.


Asian Hawaiian Kitchen Backsplash Iiwi Detail


Hawaiian Iiwi can be found in coconut leaves as well as bamboo. 


Hawaiian Bird tile mural detail


Graceful white tern nestled in tropical palm fronds.



Red Cardinal Birds and Monarch Butterflies are beautifully contrasted against green coconut leaves.

Butterfly Cardinal Bird wall tile mural detail


Waikiki Kitchen Backsplash Cardinal Bird


Red-crested cardinals in mid-flight.


bathroom tile mural detail Cardinal Birds


bathroom tile mural detail Cardinal Birds


Red crested cardinal bird tile mural


Hummingbird detail from a pool wall tile mural.


Hummingbird Tile Mural


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