Interior design themes can set the tone for a business space. When we create paintings for office walls we use a similar strategy as we do with Hawaii paintings for homes. First we find out what is important to the business. Next, we consider existing elements such as color schemes, decor, wall size, and other elements.

Thomas Deir Studios offers themes to fit Hawaii businesses. With our client-centered approach we can modify the colors and dimensions of originals when designing Hawaii wall art for offices and business walls or reception areas. 

Contact us and we will help generate ideas for your business.

Paintings for Office Walls with Wide Horizontal Proportions

Paintings for Office Walls – Paradise Rainbow

A wide horizontal format works well in large conference rooms and lobby or reception areas…horizontal compositions are calming and can help set the tone for meetings.

This tropical beach painting is also popular for tile murals for showers. It’s enjoyable artwork at home or at work!

Paradise Rainbow Tropical Beach Painting
Paradise Rainbow Office Painting

Paintings for Offices – Moorish Idols Tropical Fish

Paintings of tropical fish provide a calming effect and are popular paintings for conference rooms and other office walls.

These unique fish are often called angelfish, but they are not. They are the graceful Moorish idols, whose unique shape and long top fin give it a flowing, dynamic movement reminiscent of a ribbon flowing in the wind.

Paintings of Tropical Fish Moorish Idols
Moorish Idols tropical fish paintings for Office Art

Paintings for Office Walls with Vertical and Square Shaped Proportions

Paintings for Offices – Healthcare Clinic Office

Beach scene paintings are perfect for healthcare reception and clinic office areas because of their positive and upbeat quality. 

The square-shaped canvas fits well on this clinic’s office wall inset. Our beach scene combined with the night sky has a dream-like effect, allowing the viewer to use their imagination.

Mokulua Milky Way Straub Office Painting

Paintings for Offices – Success Portals

Portal-like paintings are wonderful additions to reception and office spaces. The perspective and rich warm colors suggest an invitation to peek inside a successful company lifestyle.

The strong lines of the canvas combined with the organic circular portal shape represents a strong foundation supporting focus, growth, and vision.

Kauai Wave Painting
Hawaii Paintings Tropical Beach Scene Kauai Cave

Asian-Style Koi Paintings for Offices

Koi fish have a rich history and meaning in Asian cultures. Koi have come to symbolize overcoming life’s encounters. In nature, koi fish demonstrate its powerful force with the ability to swim against currents and travel upstream. 

Markings on koi also have value. In these paintings the islands of Hawaii are in the markings. This symbolizes the unity between Asia and Hawaii.

The natural abilities of koi have become symbols associated with good fortune, prosperity, success, courage, ambition, perseverance and longevity.

Business owners appreciate the symbolism of the energy and ability of koi, and consider these paintings to be perfect for their office walls.

Asian Koi Hawaii paintings
Asian Hawaii Koi paintings

Tall Vertical Paintings for Office Walls

Aerial views of Oahu’s windward coastline add a powerful visionary quality to business office walls.

The natural beauty with a heavenly perspective is both captivating and rejuvenating.

Lanikai Birds Eye Hawaii Painting
Chinaman's Hat