We use our client discovery process when we begin bath and shower tile designs for bathroom renovations Honolulu. We ask simple questions that help guide the process. What is enjoyable for the homeowner? What do they like? Where would they like to be?

The discovery process allows us to think outside the box to come up with ideas. When we present the renderings to our clients they can visualize how the bathroom tile murals will look for their bath and shower.

Bath and Shower Tile Mural Designs Dolphins
Dolphins painting for bathroom tile mural designs
Bathroom tile mural dolphin painting
dolphin art on bath and shower tile murals
Dolphin painting for Bathroom Tile Mural Designs
These homeowners enjoy swimming with dolphins, where would you like to be?
Bath and shower tile designs can bring the outside indoors! Here the client enjoys peeking outside to the coconut tree in their yard. We designed the bathroom tile murals to frame the window. The islands at the horizon line add visual depth and interest.
Coconut Tree Shower Mural 1
Tile mural designs for bath and shower can be installed on two or more bathroom walls to create a surrounding experience. When a mirror is included in the bath and shower design it brings depth and dimension to a small sized bathroom.
Bath and Shower Tile Designs Asian Bamboo
Bath Shower Tile Mural Designs Palm Fronds
Undersea Reef Tropical Fish Tile Murals Bathroom