Handpainted monarch butterfly tile mural shower detail

Project Description

We design many types of tropical tile mural paintings and specialize in hand painted tile murals. 

Do you like butterflies or other beautiful creatures?

Many of our custom designed tile murals include exotic butterflies, tropical birds, and geckos.

The Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly is pictured below in a close-up shot.


The Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly and Indonesian Java Sparrow make a great pair in a shower tile mural.


Indonesian Bamboo Shower Tropical Bird Butterfly


Monarch butterflies gracefully adorn many of our tile murals.


Hawaii Wall Art Asian Bamboo Painting Tile Mural

Indonesian bamboo kitchen tile mural


Look below, does it look like the friendly gecko is talking to the Monarch butterfly?


tile mural detail with Hawaiian gecko and monarch butterfly


These little geckos look so real, but they are hand painted on tile!

Gecko Tile Mural Shower detail


Gecko Tile Mural Shower detail


Beautiful dragonflies can be included on your next tile murals project, just ask us!


tile mural Dragonflies detail 1


tile mural artwork dragonflies detail


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