Tropical Hawaiian Bar Kitchen


At Thomas Deir Studios we approach kitchen remodeling in Honolulu in much the same way as when we design a canvas for a painting – and every project we design is unique.

We consider existing materials’ texture and color.  In many cases where the homeowner wants a major kitchen renovation we will lead the kitchen remodeling project. We offer Hawaii kitchen design consultation to homeowners and we will bring in trusted suppliers and contractors as needed. If the home owner has already started a remodel project we consult with the contractor and or the interior designer and keep the lines of communication open at all times.

Although we offer different design styles, every home offers fresh inspiration. On this page we have photos showing the dramatic results of tile murals for kitchen renovation.  Hawaii kitchens in the first three photos have tile murals with similar elements and very different results.

All three tile murals contain Hawaiian island landscape at the horizon line and coconut leaves (palm fronds) are added above or in the foreground. However within the context of color, cabinets and other design elements each Honolulu kitchen remodeling project is remarkably distinct.

The photo on the left is a kitchen remodeling project with two tile murals. One tile mural is a back splash with a Hawaiian island scene design and palm fronds. The other tile mural is a palm frond backsplash for the bar.

In a different kitchen remodeling project, we utilized similar design elements in the tile mural, a Hawaiian island landscape at the horizon line with palm fronds in the foreground. The reddish tone of the cabinets as well as the bamboo bar chairs and light fixtures make this enjoyable kitchen with a tropical flare.

Kitchen remodeling and kitchen design with tropical palm fronds and Hawaii tile murals

For this kitchen we made variations to the basic design elements in the other tile mural. There is a more pronounced and detailed Hawaiian island landscape along the counter. The painting in the mural is color coordinated with the counter material, and the reflection of the counter mimics the land and ocean. The coconut leaves atop of the cabinets enhance this tropical kitchen.

Kailua coconut tree kitchen remodel design


The following photos of our Honolulu kitchen remodeling projects show other tile mural designs styles we offer. Since every home offers fresh inspiration and the results are always unique, we want to provide design ideas to help you discover a kitchen tile mural design style that you will enjoy.

Tropical Beach Kitchen Tile Mural

We believe that kitchen remodel design should help the homeowner feel happy and look forward to being in the kitchen. In the photo above, the Hawaii beach scene is a tile design spanning two walls. The beach scene in the photo below has a distinctively different view. Both custom designs do exactly what we intended – to create designs that make clients happy in their remodeled kitchen!

Paradise Rainbow_Kitchen Backsplash Tile Mural

Lovely Hawaiian bougainvilleas and lotus are are always blooming in this Honolulu kitchen remodel. A Hawaii garden will surround you while preparing meals.

Kitchen Remodel Honolulu Tile Mural Bougainvillea c

Have you noticed that aquariums have a calming and therapeutic effect? Tile murals featuring tropical fish can bring a peaceful feeling to the kitchen. The emotional appeal is considered when we design a kitchen remodeling project.

Aquarium Tile Mural Kitchen Backsplash 2c

We sometimes borrow Asian design elements when designing tile murals for Honolulu kitchen remodeling. We are fortunate to have rich Asian and Hawaiian heritage in Hawaii. We also enjoy bamboo that grows in the more damp areas of the islands. It makes it easy for us to add bamboo as part of our Asian Hawaiian design styles.

Kitchen Remodel Bamboo Tile Murals

Believe it or not, we don’t always use Hawaiian elements for our kitchen remodel projects. When we meet with clients we try to find what they like and what types of things make them feel happy. In this case the kitchen remodeling project involved designing tile murals with with black, white and occasional red poppies bringing a fresh and cheerful feel.

Kitchen Remodel Red Poppy Tile Murals