We create personalized Hawaii paintings for homes, and at Thomas Deir Studios our client-centered approach is very important to the end result. We start designing a painting by finding out what is important to the client. Next, we consider existing elements such as color schemes, decor, wall size, and other elements.

When designing artwork for homes and assisting homeowners with their selections, we consider colors and dimensions of the rooms.

Hawaii Paintings for Executive Bedroom

We can modify the colors and dimensions of originals when designing art work for homes. Please scroll down to see more examples of our Hawaii paintings for homes.

Hawaii Painting Triptych Bedroom
Paintings for Homes Ewa Moon Tropical Beach Night Scene

Paintings for Homes – Ewa Moon

“Ewa Moon” is a vertical piece and fits well on a vertical wall space as shown in the example above and below.

Before purchasing a painting, Thomas Deir Studios will offer an extra service by providing digital renderings to show clients how a painting will look in their home. This was the case in the example above.

In the example below, the client, who was visiting the Islands, saw the painting in a gallery and purchased it on the spot. He was happy to have some of Hawaii in his home and sent us the photo.

Paintings for Homes Tropical Beach Scene Ewa Moon

Paintings for Homes – Christ of the Deep

“Christ of the Deep” is a profoundly powerful painting. The photo below of the home setting shows a perfect match of location and artwork to create a unique and dramatic statement.

Christ of the Deep Undersea Painting on Canvas
Christ of the Deep in Stairway Entry

Paintings for Homes – Hanauma Bay

The photo below shows the original painting that was created to design a tile mural for the State of Hawaii. The tile mural design tells the Hawaiian legend of Hanauma Bay, which means “hand wrestling” bay. The original art has been reproduced for personalized canvas paintings for homes and businesses.

In the second photo below we can see how the magnificent bay is showcased in a client’s home. The wall and sofa provide just the right balance for this personalized canvas painting. Notice how a painting in a horizontal format fits nicely over a couch.

Haunama Bay Undersea Scene Paintings of Tropical Fish
Paintings for Homes Hanauma Bay

Paintings for Homes – Paradise Rainbow

In the images below you can see how the horizontal format offers a relaxing feeling. With the painting installed in the entry, it’s as if you are walking toward the beach when you enter into this home.

Paradise Rainbow Tropical Beach Painting
Tropical Beach Scene Paintings for Homes

This particular tropical beach painting has become one of the favorite paintings for office walls and business conference rooms. The peaceful beach scene is also popular for tile murals for showers.

Enjoyable artwork at home or at work!

Personalized Canvas Paintings for Homes – Lots of Options!

We can install a painting or a canvas reproduction  just about anywhere in your home – even on the garage door!

Abstract Canvas Paintings Offer Even More Options!

At Thomas Deir Studios we are motivated to create enjoyable paintings for homes and to expand our capacity to express the beauty of the islands. Hawaii Abstract Paintings, provides a new expression of Hawaii with movement, color, and feeling.

abstract ocean painting AO 47
tropical abstract art
wave painting
wave painting

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