Hawaii Kitchen Design Coconut Tree Sky Ceiling

Project Description

The remarkable kitchen remodeling project above utilizes wall and ceiling surfaces.

It has outdoor elements painted on the tile murals including a Windward Oahu beach scene, coconut trees with leaves, the blue sky and clouds. It’s hard to tell the difference between the “real” outside and the created one.


In the kitchen remodel below, the backsplash is made up of the coconut tree trunk and coconut leaves or palm fronds.

Honolulu Kitchen Remodel Coconut Tree Tile Mural

The trunk of the coconut tree is visible in the center corner of the kitchen back splash.

The added detail embellishments help to make this kitchen design truly unique.

Coconut Tree Tile Mural Detail Kitchen Remodel

Coconut Tree Tile Mural Backsplash Kitchen Remodel


In the stunning kitchen remodeling project below, tile murals provide towering coconut trees and leaves above the cabinets.

Tile murals offer a coastal panorama along this kitchen backsplash.

Kailua coconut tree kitchen remodel design


Below is another captivating hand painted tile mural.

This kitchen backsplash features a tropical mountain range similar to Oahu’s Koolau Mountains.


Koolau Mountains Kitchen Backsplash Tile Mural



Below, notice 12″ x 12″ tiles were used for this kitchen design. This particular project allowed us to us large tile.


Coconut Tree Tile Mural Kitchen Remodel

The coconut tree is the focal point in this kitchen design.

Palm fronds with added details including butterflies and tropical birds are painted on the main wall and along the backsplash wall below the cabinets.


Coconut leaves or palm fronds, have a quality that provide an elegance to any kitchen, regardless of the size of the space.  

Many happy homeowners enjoy their palm fronds kitchen tile murals. Please enjoy browsing through the palm fronds examples below. 


White Kitchen Tile Mural Art Palm Fronds


Hawaiian Coconut Kitchen Remodel 1


Kitchen remodeling and kitchen design with tropical palm fronds and Hawaii tile murals


Tropical Hawaiian Bar Kitchen


Kitchen Tile Murals Palm Fronds


Soffit Frond Tile Mural Art Kailua 4


Waikiki Kitchen Backsplash Tile Mural


Waikiki Kitchen Backsplash Cardinal Bird



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