Project Description

Entry floors, bathroom floors, residential and commercial properties can be enhanced with Hawaiian sea turtle floor mosaics. Floor mosaics can include a drop shadow effect. Materials are typically granite or marble. 

Although we are working on more designs, the Hawaiian green sea turtle seems to be the most popular mosaic floor design option.

Mosaic Turtle Inlay Entry Floor

Mosaic Turtle Floor Inlay

granite turtle floor mosaic


Marble Turtle Floor Mosaic

Marble Turtle Floor Mosaic


Turtle Floor Mosaic


Mosaic turtles and tile mural work well together on steps and entry landings.

mosaic turtle entry with tile mural steps

Turtle floor mosaic entry landing


Turtle floor mosaics make unique wall art treatments.

Mosaic Turtle Granite Walk wall art

Mosaic Turtle Granite Walk 1]


Bathroom floor mosaics are pictured below.

Mosaic Turtle Bath Entry Floor

Bathroom floor mosaics.


mosaic bathroom floor mural with sea turtles

Mosaic bathroom floor mural with sea turtles

A bathroom wall tile mural of a serene tropical beach and distant island. The floor inlay is a Hawaiian sea turtle mosaic.

The bathroom floor tile imitates the color of sand and the turtle appears to be crawling toward the water.

Tropical Beach Turtle Shower Tile Mural

Bathroom wall tile mural with turtle floor mosaic


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