Undersea Reef Tropical Fish Tile Murals Bathroom

Project Description

When a mirror is included in the bath and shower design it brings depth and dimension to a small-sized bathroom.

Tile mural designs for bath and shower can be installed on two or more bathroom walls to create a surrounding experience.

Bathroom tile mural tropical fish reef


Bath and Shower Tile Mural Designs Dolphins


You can imagine that you are swimming with dolphins or snorkeling around a reef.


Bathroom Renovation Tile Murals


Paintings of tropical fish provide a calming effect and are popular designs for tile murals for bath and shower.


The yellow and black colored fish are often called angelfish, but they are not. They are the graceful Moorish idols, whose unique shape and long top fin give it a flowing, dynamic movement reminiscent of a ribbon flowing in the wind.


Aquarium Style Bathroom Wall Tile Mural


Imagine entering an undersea cave…


Undersea cave shower tile mural


The tile murals in the shower-spa pictured below are full of ocean life detail. 


Undersea Shower Spa-1


Sea life painting detail of undersea reef scene in shower spa


Undersea Shower Spa-6



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