Coconut Tree Shower Mural 1

Project Description

Bath and shower tile designs can bring the outside indoors! In the photo above, see how we designed the shower tile murals to frame the window. Our client enjoys looking at the coconut tree in their yard and wanted us to design around the window. We added islands at the horizon line for visual depth and interest.


Bathroom Renovation Tropical Oasis Tile Murals

In the bathroom renovation shown above, coconut trees helped provide the effect of a Tropical Oasis.


Bath Shower Tile Mural Designs Palm Fronds

Palm fronds bring an elegant touch and help soften the linear appearance of bathroom fixtures.

Bathroom Renovation Tile Murals

Mirrors reflect palm frond tile murals on the opposite wall creating an illusion of greater depth.


Bath Shower Tile Mural Designs with Tropical Palm Fronds Birds

Tropical palm fronds tile mural designs will add depth to a small spaces.


Bathroom tile murals tropical palm frond

Palm fronds frame a tropical scene with red crested cardinals in flight and Oahu’s Diamond Head in the background.


Bath and Shower Tile Mural Designs Tropical Palm Fronds

Tile mural designs with palm fronds brings the tropics to your bath and shower.


Shower Tile Mural with Palm Fronds and Hawaiian Bird

Tile murals with painted detail such as tropical birds, like the Hawaiian Iiwi, offers added enjoyment to the bath and shower.


Hawaii Pineapple Shower Tile Mural

Very fun! A Hawaii pineapple tile mural with palm fronds.


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