Hawaii Wall Art Tropical Fish Paintings Living Reef

Living Reef

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“Living Reef” could be titled, the “Colorful Reef” because there are so many colors in this painting of depth and drama. There are shrimp, starfish, shells, hammerhead sharks, a turtle, coral reefs, and fishes of all kinds.

This beautiful painting of a living tropical reef is reproduced via Giclee with archival museum quality UV ink and varnished canvas with and hand-painted embellishments and signed by the artist.

Hawaii Wall Art Undersea Dive Oahu

Dive Oahu

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Thomas Deir Studios creates canvas paintings reproductions for use as Hawaii wall art. In this undersea painting we use the shape of the island of Oahu to form the cave. Two divers coming back to the surface provoking the thought that some of the best experiences in life require of risk, even love.

Christ of the Deep Undersea Painting on Canvas

Christ of the Deep

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A profoundly powerful painting of Jesus Christ under the sea, embracing the light, surrounded by mermaid angels and colorful reefs. This original painting took three years to complete. It was inspired by an actual submerged statue in the Florida Keys. “Christ of the Deep” was the painting that brought recognition to Thomas Deir as a Hawaii artist.

Haunama Bay Undersea Scene Paintings of Tropical Fish

Hanauma Bay Painting

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The original Hawaii painting was the design for a commissioned tile mural for the State of Hawaii. The painting tells the Hawaiian legend of Hanauma Bay, which means “hand wrestling” bay. Can you see the two hands wrestling in the coral arch on the left side of the mural?

In addition, there is the island of Oahu formed by the wrestling coral hands. Notice the Hawaii State fish, the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a, kissing Hanauma Bay on the map of Oahu.