Asian Hawaii Koi paintings

Tancho Sanshoku

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Koi fishes are the most expensive fishes in the world. This particular koi fish is the most valuable, sought after by collectors because of its coloring and their placement. A koi like this can sell for $25,000 or more. In this original painting we made this koi even more valuable – we painted the Hawaiian Islands into the markings. Can you find them?

Asian Koi Hawaii paintings

Shiro Bekko

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This original painting of a Koi fish expresses the influence the Japanese culture in Hawaii. In this painting we decided to have some fun with the markings – the islands of Hawaii are included. Do you see them?

Koi are the most expensive fishes in the world, some are valued over $25,000 per fish. The snow-white color of this koi, along with the contrast of the black makes this koi very valuable.